History of origin

Renate Falke

After the founding of the Falke Foundation in the year 2013 I started with the professional work-up of the extensive artistic estate of my husband Hermann Falke, who had died in 1986.

Hermann Falke was an artist, who lived rather drawn-back and fully dedicated to his artistic work. Even though he died at the young age of 52 he left a very complex and extensive artistic oeuvre behind, consisting of paintings on canvas, zinc, aluminum, cardboard or wood; water-colors, drawings, sketches, graphics and embossings, as well as sculptures and other artistic objects.

In the meantime around 400 works have been digitalized, can be viewed on the website and allow the viewer to form a first impression of Hermann Falke's artistic work.

Because of the existing estate as well as the information from exhibition catalogues and different photographs it was possible to collect the works on canvas and the large-scale paintings on cardboard entirely in tables, which is also true for the paintings on metal. Of the water-colors which make up the essential part of his oeuvre a small cross-section is represented here. The same applies to the graphics. Concerning the artistic objects and sculptures, however, only a small part has been recorded.

Apart from further examining the artistic estate that I have access to, I am eager to complete the Catalogue of Works with those works that are part of private collections. Another task of the Falke Foundation is to make the work of Hermann Falke accessible to a broader public with the help of catalogues, exhibitions in galleries and museums as well as media reports.

The compiling of an archive and the restorative maintenance and professional storage of his work is another task. In the Falke-House in Loibach a part of the works of Hermann Falke can be viewed at all times after an appointment has been made (via telephone).

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