Foreword to Hermann Falke

Ulrich Weinzierl

Abyss with Dream Dancer

He was a passionate traveler. A new home and peace, his final resting place he found in Loibach. In the border region between Carinthia and Slovenia. He was born in 1933 in the German Sauerland; much too early he died in 1986 amongst his young family. Music and nature always meant a lot to him, as an artist- far away from the family business- he created his own, very distinct world. That he counts Bosch and Francis Bacon to his favorite painters is no miracle. Hermann Falke's paintings mostly speak of- with a strong intensity- threat, pain and misery. He knew the heart of darkness. However, this never kept him from fully enjoying the bucolic easiness, celebrating even. Hermann Falke literally made the subjects of his water-colors dance; almost no other artist was able to do this like him. He especially knew how to capture the light of Ancient Times. His stories and figures were, just like himself, dream dancers above the abyss of life.

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